Audio volume control for videos ... where? how?

Mar 04, 2015


I'm having yet another "Really? Can't do this in Storyline?" moment!

I've embedded videos (mp4 format) that open/play in a new window "with controls" option selected.

Learners will be in environments with varying background noise levels, so the ability for each individual to adjust video volume is mandatory and SHOULD be a total no-brainer in this day and age.

Except ... I apparently.... am missing a brain! As I can find no way to do this? There is no audio control in the "with controls" option and switching windows back to the SL screen to adjust the volume slider there does nothing to the video volume.


Please tell me I'm overlooking a very obvious solution :-]

Do users have to resort to using the Windows volume control? P-l-e-a-s-e say it aint' so :-[  ... when was the last time you adjusted audio volume of a video by multiple clicks outside the video window?

Can I re-encode the video into some other format that includes audio control?

Thanks for your help!








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