Bespoke Drag and Drop

Feb 02, 2015


I am attempting to create a bespoke drag and drop.

I have set all drag zones to (none) in order to create my own interaction where there are 2 drop zones where the user must select one or two correct answers from a list of 5 and drag them to the 2 drop zones. 

I have used states and triggers to create my own drag and drop, however, it's not working!!! - I've inserted a trigger to show layer ''correct'' when the correct answer is chosen or ''incorrect'' when incorrect answers are chosen - but it show the ''incorrect'' layer even when the correct answer(s) are selected.

My trigger panel looks like this:

Show Layer> Correct> User Clicks> Submit>*IF Picture 12 state is drop correct

Show Layer> Incorrect> User Clicks> Submit > *IF Picture 12 state is normal

NOTE: Picture 12 is the only correct answer.

I then have:

Change state of> Picture 12> Drop correct> object dropped on> Picture 7, Picture 16 

Whenever I click submit in preview mode - I get incorrect even if I'm right!!


Any help very much appreciated!!



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