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Aug 06, 2020

Hi All,

I am building my first course in Storyline 360 and learning along the way. I want to take a minute and thank this community and staff who have been prompt in answering in questions and helping me fix the issues. I have yet another one come up.

I have a course of 65 slides. Everything works well. However, we haven't recorded the narration. The Subject Matter Expert will be doing that. I want to understand what is the best and the easiest way to record on these slides without getting her roped into the Storyline. One way I could think is recording over the original Powerpoint but on exporting, i get an option to create a video (not an audio) which means I will have to redo the whole course in Storyline by using this new (recorded)file. I bet there is an easier option.

I can ask for recording only once so I have to get this right. I look forward to some easy recording solutions.

Many Thanks.




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Tom Kuhlmann

Assuming the person has the script and a mic, I'd probably download a free audio recorder like Audacity and record that way. 

If they have PowerPoint and want to record via PowerPoint, they can do so. When they're done, save PowerPoint.

  • Use 7zip (free) to unzip the .pptx file and you'll find a media folder inside the .pptx. Inside there, you'll see all of the audio files individual to the slides. 
  • You can import those into Storyline using the media library. And then insert them into specific slides.

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