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Feb 04, 2013

I'm new to Storyline.  I'm trying to convert a course I built in Articulate Studio.  It has some simple branching scenarios - learner picks from two choices, they see a consequence for each, and then receive feedback for each.  Then things come back together for several slides of click-through content.  What's the best way to do this in Storyline?  I tried to recreate what I did in PPT/Presenter, and my slide numbering and the flow got all whacked.  Is it best to do this with states and layers, rather than different slides?  Any info or tutorial you can point me to would be so appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

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Sure. I want to present the learner with a scenario they read and a question they have to answer, and they have two options to select from. Each option takes the learner down a path so they can see the outcome based on the selection they chose. So:

  1. If they click option A, they go down path A, until the outcome.
  2. Then they go back to the scenario, and explore the option B path and outcome.
  3. Then they continue the course.

This branching starts with slide 1.10.

Julia Koller

Hi Cindy,

That is a nice looking module!

I have created several  with fairly complex branching. From my experience, the way you are trying do it is the best. Using branches to slides and scenes (rather than slide layers) lets you rely on Storyline's built-in features, rather than trying to program the branching yourself.

Using slide layers makes sense if the branch only chooses between two slides. But if you want to direct the user onto paths, slide layers limit the user's ability to navigate back and forth between content. It also makes tracking variables much more difficult, especially if you are not careful using the Slide property for "When revisiting...".

The only exception I can think of immediately, would be the use of slide layers on a lightbox. In one module my team created, we had a "mentor" feature. The Mentor would pop on to the main slide in a lightbox, offering contextual feedback when requested. In this situation, we used a variable on the main slide to tell the lightboxed "Mentor" slide what slide layer to display.

Does that help? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cindy!

Looks like Julia has popped in here with some great feedback.

The only thing I noticed immediately is your trigger order. Articulate Storyline lets you apply multiple triggers to the same object. You can also apply triggers to master slides and content slides. Here are the rules regarding the order in which all these triggers get executed when learners view your published course.

You're jumping to your slide before you are stopping the media and updating the state:

That being said, I'm not clear if you are having a particular issue or were just looking for feedback.

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