Best headset for recording audio?

Feb 20, 2018

I've tried three different Logitech headsets, and each one has its own drawbacks - primarily, the noise cancelling ones add "hum" to all recorded audio unless I unplug every other thing plugged into my laptop (i.e., external monitor and power cord).

Has anybody come up with a solution, or found a good headset that doesn't cost $200 or more? FWIW, I'm on SL3.

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Jules Guillot

Hi Cheryl,

Are you looking only for a headset ? If you are looking for a good audio recording, I can provide you some good microphones.

Otherwise, check this link if you are looking for a headset (name of them and a review with sound), try to find one used for podcast, most of the time they are using some good stuff and it's not super expensive. 

Cheryl Hoffman

I did get my hands on a microphone yesterday, and I'm not at all impressed with the sound quality as compared to my old Logitech headset. I'm still tinkering with it (directional aim, distance and recording volume), but today I've gone back to my Logitech headset just to have good sound clarity. Dang - the recording quality is great, but the 'hum' it adds means I have to use my itty-bitty laptop screen to edit the audio (since I have to unplug external monitors).

Cheryl Hoffman

I've been researching this hum issue all morning, determined to figure it out.

I just tested all of my gear here at my desk in our corporate office, and there's no hum.

When I WFH to do my recordings, that's when I have to unplug everything from my laptop except my headset to eliminate the hum. Therefore, I've concluded that the issue is my house and I've contacted an electrician to help me figure it out. Stay tuned!

Cheryl Hoffman

In case anyone searches the threads because they have the same issue:

I found that if I leave everything plugged INTO my laptop EXCEPT the power cord (but leave the power cord attached to the wall outlet or surge protector) - and then...get this...hold the exposed metal part of the power cord between my fingers, I create a ground that eliminates the hum. Only drawback is that by having the laptop unplugged, I have to remember to take breaks to charge the battery every few hours.

I guess I shouldn't have blamed it on the headset after all.

Jacqueline Silva

I tried several options before finding the Sennheiser GSP 350 gaming headset. It plugs into a USB port and offers high-quality audio without picking up sound more than a couple of inches from my face. Be sure to download their driver and adjust the Sidetone to "HIGH". Also, on my system, the "GAME" Equalizer setting gets me the best sound.

At ~$150, it's the best value for the dollar I found.

Cheryl Hoffman

So far, every USB headset I've used picks up the "hum" I mentioned. I can literally SEE the hum in my audio files. But it goes away if I'm grounded, so I'm thinking it's not the headset causing the problem. Maybe, I dunno! But next time I'm in the market for a new headset, I've got the Sennheiser GSP 350 on my Amazon wish list - thanks!

Joy McGinty


Cheryl, for what it's worth, and if you didn't hit the "checkout" button, you may wish to give the Blue Yeti stand-alone mic a try. I, too, switched to Blue Yeti and found it to produce, by far, the highest quality audio I have been able to achieve to date. Regardless of the microphone or headset used, I still find eliminating white background noise and laptop fan to be the greatest challenge.

Also, it was very creative of you to think to be the human grounding mechanism!

Best of luck!


Cheryl Hoffman

Thanks, everybody, for your ideas and suggestions!

I ordered the Sennheiser gaming headset that was recommended. I considered a few different microphones, but then I'd have to also invest in a good set of speakers for playback.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to use the new headset this week so I can pop back in here and tell you all how wonderful it is!

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