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Dec 13, 2012

My company just purchased Articulate Storyline.  I have been using Articulate Studio '09 since it came out.  I wanted to know what learning resources are best to get me me up to speed the quickest with Storyline so I can feel comfortable transferring the courses I created in Studio. So far, I have only been able to find one book.

Also, are there any watch outs for transferring courses from one product to the other?  I am sure there are hard lessons others have learned that I could avoid. 

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Christina, and welcome!

Cool that you are jumping into Storyline!  I think you'll find it really fun and flexible, with lots of new possibilities for creating interactive content. A great place to immerse first is the Getting Started tutorials which begin here. On that same page, you can also explore lots of other tutorials in the right-hand sidebar, if there are specific things you need a deeper dive on. And of course the forums here are always great for getting practical, quick answers from other Articulate users & staff!

If you haven't already, you might enjoy checking out the Storyline Showcase examples, just to get a feel for what's possible with the features in Storyline. 

As far as transitioning your content from Articulate Studio:

  • I'd recommend checking out this tutorial and this knowledgebase article for lots of good stuff to know about moving your content from Studio to Storyline. 
  • If you plan to import content that you've built in Engage, it's good to be aware that Engage interactions are imported as Flash-based web objects in Storyline. For most folks this is just fine, but if you plan to publish your content for mobile devices that don't support Flash, you'll likely want to re-create the interactions in Storyline so that your course is mobile-friendly. It's actually really easy to build Engage-like interactions in Storyline, because triggers and slide layers make it possible to do pretty much anything you want. In fact, check out this resource to see an example of how to build a tabs interaction. You can learn more about imported Engage content here
  • And if you plan on building content for mobile learners, it's a good idea to bookmark this page, which outlines the differences between the Flash output, iPad output, and HTML5 output. 

Also there are some nice free resources for Storyline users in the downloads area, and you can use all the stuff there in any project you want. 

And one more thing! if you haven't yet subscribed to the Word Of Mouth blog, I'd recommend it. We post a weekly recap every Monday, which gives a great summary of new tutorials, resources, and helpful discussions that took place throughout the previous week.

Hope that helps! Good luck with your projects & looking forward to seeing you in the Storyline forum!

David Anderson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Christina!

In addition to Mike and Jeanette's awesome resources, you could bookmark a few of our How-To tutorials that we use for product marketing. While they're not all start-to-finish tutorials, they provide a lot of key features you'll need for creating the more common elearning projects.

How to reuse Articulate Studio and PowerPoint content in Articulate Storyline

How to transform static slides into interactive knowledge checks (Good overview for working from PowerPoint slides)

How to quickly create click-and-reveals

How to easily add interactivity to objects

How to build engaging tabs interactions in minutes

How to simulate real-world tasks with drag-and-drop interactions

How to give your course an app-like feel

How to edit your software simulations

How to localize your courses

How to personalize course content for your learners (good introduction to variables)

We also have a 30-minute mini-course on building a tabs interaction from scratch. Source files are included and it walks you through using Storyline's key features: states, layers and triggers. 

Again, welcome to Heroes!

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