Best practice for developing Storyline for Android

Feb 03, 2013


I know Articulate does not officially support running SL on Android devices, but the reality is that our users will be using many different devices, from ipad to android to PC, and we need to offer a solution.

So I'm interested in hearing from people who have managed to successfully run SL content on Android by relying on its flash player or type of html5 supported browser or any other ingenious out of the box method .

It would be great to build a list of best practices that developers could follow to address this issue.



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Saul  Jacobs

Thanks Berno, its a good list, but I am looking for best practices for dealing with how handle Flash-based content on Android devices. Just because a feature is supported in Flash (which presumably means Flash on a PC) does not mean it works without issue on an Android tablet.

How are people dealing with display issues when viewing Flash on Android tablet as opposed to a PC etc.

An Android app will be great, but I assume we all need to offer solutions in the mean time to address this.



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