Best practice for numbering slides

Hi there,

I'm looking for some opinions and best practices. I noticed that SL2 creates automatic Slide numbers per scene but after X.9 it goes to X.10 which is peculiar to me. Why not X.1.1? Or better yet, as soon as there are more than 10 slides in a scene, shouldn't the numbering scheme have two decimal points and re-adjust the numbering to conform to that?

Additionally, if at some point in the scene I create interactivity that creates some branching, the numbering go out of order pretty quickly.

how do you guys deal with this?



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Walt Hamilton

I ignore it. Users don't see it; it doesn't affect slide order; it's as useless as a general on patrol.

The main function is to order your slides in a drop-down menu, although I use it occasionally to distinguish between two slides with identical names.

Unfortunately, our OCD friends spend hours obsessing over those meaningless numbers.

To answer your question, isn't X.1.1 a sub slide to X.1?

In the attached video, note that I could have selected and moved all the slides at once.

I think your point on branching is the most important one. It is exactly the hyper nature of SL that attracts us to it. If we could create only linear modules, there would be no need for slide or scene numbers, but think of the vast learning opportunities that would be lost to us and our learners.

Eitan Teomi

I would ignore it too if it's only used internally, but I was hoping to leverage slide numbers when doing testing so we can pin point issues faster. Since Slides can easily go out of order and there's no easy way to search slides by their number, it can lead to discrepancies when testers report issues in certain slides.