Best Practice Question: How to use Audio within tabbed layers

I have a 5-tab template that I am wanting to use to cover terms, and a few other stacked concepts.  I want to have audio to supplement definitions, and haven't ever used audio on layers before.  I want the learners to be able to move back and forth between tabs in case they need to, but am unsure how to handle this, as I don't want the audio overlapping or being really cutty if tabs are quickly switched. 

How do you all handle this?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nate,

There are a few threads out there that deal with this type of situation and here's one to get you started.

In regards to the "cutty" audio, I don't know that I've seen any "fade out" elements for audio - so keep us posted if you're able to come up with something for that type of scenario.