Best practices for ipad optimization

Aug 16, 2012


I am creating a project that is meant to go to the ipad.  However due to the large amount of content going in, I have noticed the interactivity of the project in ipad has been slowing down.

I am aware the more content I put in the bigger the file size would be, just wondering what are some tips or best practices to increase the zippyness of the project in a ipad platform.


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Peter Anderson

Hey Ben!

Are you looking to use the Mobile Player app or publish to HTML5? This chart will help you achieve the best results for each. Typically, you're going to get better results and functionality using the Mobile Player app compared to HTML5. Here's a good discussion about story size and other mobile tips, too. Hope that's useful enough to get you started. I'm sure others will be happy to chime in as well. Good luck

Ben Leong

Hi Pete!

I am actually developing for the mobile player app.  I'm just having to add quite a lot of media content, video, audio etc...into the project and I am beginning to notice a slow down in performance. 

I have been testing the project on my ipad 2 as sort of a mid level baseline.

Just wondering if there were any best practices etc..

Here is a link to the project as more content is being inserted as we speak.



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