Blurry iPad screenshots after publishing

Jan 12, 2022

Hello, I am in the process of creating a training course for a mobile app. This course must contain several screenshots of the app. I have used my iPad pro to take these screenshots at 2048x2732.

Seeing that my project size is set at 960x540 I need to re-scale the image to 375x500 in order for it to fit within the project. This results in a blurry image after publishing. 

I understand that it is Storyline 360 best practices to not rescale images and to import captured images at the same resolution that you will be using in Storyline but I cannot control what resolution my iPad takes a screenshot at. How do I get around this? Has anyone else had success using mobile screenshots in a Storyline course? 

Thanks for the help! 

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Josh Dean

When resizing images can you focus on getting the ratio you need and keep the high pixel count from your capture - basically crop and scale but don't use any tools to drop quality? Also when publishing you can make sure that you set the quality setting and drag the image slider to be be higher than the default so image compression doesn't happen.