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Christie Pollick

Hi, Mark -- Thanks for reaching out! And while I will defer to the community to share their specific ideas and advice for file storage and version control, I thought I would pass along the following in case you'd like to take a look:

How to Organize & Manage Your E-Learning Course Files

Top 5 Tips For Managing E-Learning Assets

Drop Box - THANK YOU! - A quick story

Hope that helps and you would also be welcome to reach out in our Building Better Courses forum to reach even more of the community for input. :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

I'll defer to the community in regards to best practices, but wherever you keep the back up you'll want to ensure that you download it to work on locally, as working off a shared/network drive can cause issues as described here. I know a lot of people use Dropbox or similar as a back up to keep files there as well.