Storyline 360 and Microsoft Teams - Archiving and Sharing Project Files

Jun 03, 2020

My company is moving to Microsoft Teams. It sounds like our shared network drives will be going away, and we will only be using MS Teams and OneDrive. Just wondering if anyone has any best practices for using these tools to organize and archive Storyline project files (source SL file, media and other project assets). We have hundreds of courses that we can categorize by program or audience, so I know we can organize them in channels to make them easier to find. But, is uploading all of these files to Teams the best way to do this? How do you get files to your LMS admin? Just need some ideas on what works. We need a really good system, partially for legal reasons and version control, so any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Kelley,

I'll leave the best practices for other community members who are currently using this setup to share, but I did want to offer practical tips when working with Storyline files:

In there, you'll see tips about working locally, as well as optimizing file paths and naming conventions. Hope this helps!