Published SL files and SharePoint?

I am using Storyline to create short demos of a system that we want to include in communications / newsletters going out to international employees. We want a link in the email that will launch the Storyline "course". For testing purposes I've been using my personal dropbox account that is linking to the Storyline HTML file, but we need a permanent solution that will allow users to view on their various devices.

From here we have crossed out of my technical knowledge. 

How do I to organize the files in SharePoint and which do I link to so it will launch in any Storyline-compatible device?   

Thanks so much for your help!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Natalia!

I don't have any experience using Sharepoint, but you should be able to use Articulate published content with your Sharepoint server. You'll need to switch to "Explorer View" in Sharepoint before uploading your published output as explained in this older forum post. 

Here's another thread that may be helpful, as it's directly related to Storyline.

Hope that helps!