Storyline, SharePoint, and Links

Jun 20, 2018

Hi Everyone,

I have two questions about uploading/editing Storyline files in SharePoint.  Forgive me if my questions show my ignorance...I am still learning how these two programs work together. 

1.  If I save a .story file to SharePoint and send the link out for review but THEN find something to be corrected (prior to the review), is it possible to delete the incorrect file and upload the corrected file using the SAME SharePoint LINK ADDRESS I already sent to everyone for review? 

I hate to keep sending updated links as I notice little things to fix.  I've used the "delete the old file" and "upload the new file" approach, but that means creating a new the reviewers receive multiple emails with new links. It becomes very confusing.  

2.  We also upload the entire Storyline published presentation folder to SharePoint, and this can take some time, given the size of the graphic files, etc.  Again, when I need to edit a .story file, since I cannot edit it in SharePoint, are there certain files that I do NOT need to overwrite to the "old" folder in SharePoint if I am republishing the .story file?  My guess is we need everything but I didn't want to have to wait for a long upload if it's just a question of overwriting one or two files. 

Thanks again....look forward to your responses. 



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