Accessing .story files in Sharepoint

Jan 06, 2022

The most recent discussions on this topic are many years old so I'm starting a new thread. 

Our team shares and manages files through sharepoint.

I’m having a lot of trouble opening .story files; they appear in my synched desktop folder but cannot be opened; double-clicking either opens up the Storyline home screen (no file open) or tells me the file is already in use. I also can't open the file from within Storyline nor can I import SL files, slides, etc.

I cannot save new .story files to those synched folders either (I click save and nothing happens; I have to cancel out). .story files elsewhere on my computer work fine and I can download .story files directly from sharepoint (not through synching) so there's no problem with the files themselves. Are there still known problems with Sharepoint?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Margaret,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your workflow in SharePoint.

We recommend working directly on your local C: drive.

Storyline: Create, Edit, and Publish Courses on Your Local Hard Drive 

Can you save the .story file directly to a local, non-synced folder and open it in Storyline? You'll want to open the newly saved file directly, not via the recent project list within Storyline.

  1. Navigate to the newly saved file and open it with Storyline
  2. Within Storyline, click File > Open and navigate to the newly saved file