Using Engage with Storyline 360

Feb 17, 2022


A few questions about using Engage with Storyline 360:

Background: When I create a Story and then create an engage file I save the files to the same folder . Then I import Engage into my story. I edit Engage from the story at this point.


Ques: If a make a copy of the Story to edit for a new release, I put in a new folder. Do I also need to put a copy of the Engage files in the same folder?

Do the Engage files in the new folder then pu the edits?

Do the Engage files in the previous folder stay static?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Robyn.

Thank you for opening a support case with our engineers!

I see you're working with Cleo, so you're in great hands!

Cleo shared that in the latest version of Storyline 360, once you have imported your Engage Interaction, it becomes part of the Storyline project file, so you no longer have to keep your Engage Interaction file next to your Storyline project. 

Please reach out through the case if you have additional questions. 

Robyn Geyer

Thank you for the message.

Ques, when did this update occur? And does this mean any story I open that has engage will take on this new functionality? I have files as old as 3 years. 

With engage attached to the story, when I copy a story to a new folder for release edits, do the edits update the engage file attached to the story or does it update the original file where it was originally saved? 

poste capsule

Hi ! I have the same problem as Robyn. 

It is a problem when we change computer for exemple. Maria said that we no longer have to keep the engage file because this became a part of the storyline ou PPT but if I have to give this project to someone, it won't open the file engage. Because these files Engage are saved somewhere on our computer.