Best practices for tracking course completion and inclusion of menu in player

Can someone point me to information on best practices around how to track course completion and whether or not the menu should be displayed in the player? I currently have a course that will be accessed through an LMS, that has a complete course button on the last slide. The menu is available so technically, the learner could skip to the last slide and select the complete button without viewing the slides. Should I force them to go sequentially through the course by removing the menu? Should I show a progress bar instead? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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Tom Kuhlmann

There are a number of things you can do to control navigation. 

An easy solution:

  • add a disabled state to the course complete button and set that to the initial state (which means they can't activate the trigger)
  • use a variable to determine when you want to unlock it
  • when the condition is met, then change the state of the button from disabled to normal

The insert slide number has some course progress variables. You can use one of those to track % complete and then use the determined % to unlock the button.


Judy Nollet

Hi, Therese,

I don't think there is one "best practice" for how to track completion nor how to use the Menu. Those settings should be determined based on what's appropriate for a given course.

For example, completion is often tracked via the user passing a test. Or it can be tracked via the user viewing a designated number of slides. (And, with SL360, it can be tracked via a Completion trigger.)

As for the built-in Menu:

  • It can be nice to see the Menu for a linear course, but it might not make sense for a course with a lot of branching.
  • If you need to ensure that the user views every slide in order, but you still want to show the Menu, the quickest method is to set the Menu Options to Restricted viewing.
    • With the Restricted navigation setting, the user can click the Menu to return to a previously viewed slide. But they can't click the Menu to advance. To advance, they have to click NEXT (or whatever custom buttons might be available).
    • You can still track completion any way you want to. This setting just prevents the user from jumping directly to the quiz or the last slide.