Best Practices for Video interactivity in Storyline

HI All,

I am looking for some best practices in storyline while creating video interactivity screens.

I have created a project with Video interactivity but facing many loading issues some time video takes more time to load but timeline continues playing and its create issue for syncing so is there any solution for this? how can i control the timeline till video load.

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Matthew Bibby

It is possible if you use a third-party video player, such as JWPlayer, to manage your video. But you'd need a server for the video and video player and would use a web object to display it in Storyline. 

Quick overview:

  • Create a text variable in Storyline called Video_Started
  • Set up your timeline so it is paused when it initially starts
  • Add another trigger that resumes the timeline when the Video_Started variable changes to Yes
  • Add the following code to the index.html used by JWPlayer:
 events: {
onPlay: function() {
var player = window.parent.GetPlayer();
player.SetVar("Video_Started", "Yes");

This will then result in the timeline starting when the video begins playing.