Best way to capture a screen video outside of Storyline

What is the best way to have someone capture a screen recording that can then be pulled into Storyline and not be blurry?  Storyline developer can't get access to a specific website to capture live screen recording from within Storyline so someone else needs to capture to be imported.

We have tried Snag It and Camtasia recordings but they are blurry when moved into Storyline.  Is there an optimal setting for the display to make these images more clear?  Is there a better program to capture these?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cathy and welcome to Heroes! 

You may want to check into the recording size to set it to match your story size to reduce the blurriness.  Also, you could have the other person who will be capturing it download the trial of Storyline or Replay to do the recording and then share the files with you.