Best website builders for sharing Storyline projects

Sep 02, 2021

I'm finding mixed messages about which web building sites (Wix, Weebly, WordPress, etc) are able to display Articulate content. I'd like to use Wix because I'm familiar with it; I tried WordPress once but was overwhelmed by the learning curve.

For those with portfolio/blog sites displaying Storyline content, what site/tools did you use to build your website and what challenges have you experienced with sharing Storyline content? Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Tom Kuhlmann

The main consideration is where you host the published course folder.

With your own domain where you have access to the server storage you can upload the published folder and create a URL or insert via iframe from the URL.

Services like Wix do a great job building sites, but they generally don't give you access to upload the course folder. Those who use sites like this usually use something like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud to upload the course and then link to it from their site.

From what I see in the community, people are either building their own sites on a domain with WordPress or they use the storage services like Amazon.


Adrian Tam

Thanks Tom, this really helps to simplify my options. Hopefully I'll get some input about which ones others have tried and what they liked/didn't. It seems that WordPress has endless flexibility but is therefore more complex to learn, whereas Wix is easy to use yet requires separate storage. 

Nancy P. Hemenway

I would suggest looking at sitebuilder ( )  You have far more control over your website than places like WIX and you can get email with your domain name. Their uptime is consistent and their customer service is quite responsive - they are very economical. You will have FTP access as well as access to directly upload your projects.  This is my site on sitebuilder  Hosting is quite reasonable with a variety of hosting sites (on shared servers). 

check shipment

Remember, building a website to display Storyline content requires some technical expertise and experimentation. If you're more comfortable with Wix, you can explore alternative options like hosting your Storyline projects on external platforms and embedding them using iframe codes. Ultimately, it's important to find a balance between ease of use and the functionality you require for displaying your Storyline content effectively.