Bizarre layer jumps

Hi all, 

I just cannot seem to get the layers to operate correctly in this storyline game.

I have tried different states, variables, conditions on variables... and plenty more... But one layer always seems to default to a previous layer.  this is not consistent.  there is always at least one layer that shows incorrectly and this seems to be random? Each (frustratingly slow) time I preview there is one (different layer each time) which seems to not work - a previous layer shows instead.

What should happen is after clicking on the icons the user should click on the X in the bottom right be returned to the home screen and part of the map should appear.  Then they click on a new icon until the map is completed. But there is always one area which defaults to a previous completed layer.  

I have included my file below.

Any help appreciated,


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steve,

Thanks for sharing your file here with us. I took a look and saw what you were describing, and the only thing that appeared off to me was the order of your triggers to close the layer. I switched that around so that the state change would happen before the layer closed and I still saw the oddness. 

Since you're also struggling with a slow preview, which I didn't run into, I'm going to start a support case for you. That way our team can look into both issues with you and get you back up and running! 

Keep your eyes peeled for an email from! 

Steve Meikle

Thanks Ashley,
Yes I tried changing the order of triggers as well. That did not work
either. To me this should be a simple operation. they click the finich icon
and a state change appearson the base layer. I also tried all the
variation on layers properties to regarding revisiting and still the
problem continues. layers are not being hidden or it defaults to a
previous layer.

Steve Meikle

Hi Ashley, here is a quick (low res) video I made of the preview
Any help on this preview speed (slowness) issue would be appreciated too.
The speed of preview is such an issue for me that I am considering
discontinuing the storyline 360 subscription. The slowness is compromising
efficiency to such a degree it is becoming impractical.