Blackboard/Storyline Web Object question

I'm having a problem but I'm not sure if it's Storyline, Blackboard, or me that is causing it.

I'm doing a small tutorial on some basic features in Blackboard, and I inserted a web object pointing to Blackboard.

In a regular browser, there is what must be a wrapper frame with the global navigation, institutional header, Global Content Collection, etc. (see image below).

When I publish my Storyline file, it only shows the inner part of the page in the web object, not the top part with the link to global navigation, the institutional header, the global content collection, etc. (see image below).

Does anyone have any thoughts on why that shell is being stripped off in Storyline, even though I'm pointing it to the same URL?


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Stacy Johnson

Thank you, Ashley!

Yes, I did follow those directions.  I know it's hard to see, but if you compare the two images you'll see, for example, my name in the upper right hand corner of the real-life screenshot, but that whole header is missing in the storyline example.

I've never noticed it happen before, but I've only ever embedded web objects with videos.