Block Length Error

Good afternoon.

I have opened the attached Storyline 3 file and am attempting to save it as the following name;

Sydney AutoStrad Terminal_EA-Employee Induction_V0.2.

When I try to sav the file, I get the following message.

'The project file could not be saved.

Block length does not match with its complement.'

Any help with this one would be greatly appreciated so thank you in advance.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Anthony

even though you are getting that message it is still saving the file with your 0.2 extension.

It seemed to be flashing on the hyphen in between Non-Management so I removed the hyphen and even though the message still displayed it did save the files - and both the v0.2 files opened successfully.

I created a new project file and imported your slides in and saved it as the v0.2 - no issue at all - it's attached