Blocking the ability to print Storyline 2 player content

I am working on a project where the client does not want the user to be able to print any of the slide content.  There does not appear to be a way to do this in Storyline 1 or 2.  You can add a line of JavaScript to the *story_html5.html published file to do it, but there seems to be no way to block printing when viewing the flash output in a browser.

Does anyone have a solution for this so you can block printing on the Flash and HTML5 content of a published course?

Thanks in advance.

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Peter Lyons

Yes, that is true but this project is for a highly regulated industry and they need some assurance that a user can not simply print from the browser easily.  As I mentioned, you can add JavaScript to the *.story_html5.html code to make it print a blank page, and we could only distribute the HTML5 output and not the Flash output, but Articulate states on the website that on a PC only Chrome supports the HTML5 output.  This is a simple learning module that is not running in an LMS and appears to also work in Firefox and IE when running the HTML5 published output only.

Does anyone know what features will not be supported in HTML5 on Firefox and/or Internet Explorer and what versions it affects?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Peter,

In regards to your question about HTML5 and IE and Firefox, there isn't a set list - as they're both browsers which we don't offer support for based on how they perform with HTML5 content. You can see some comparisons of different browsers at a site such as  If you need to use those browsers and only point to the HTML5 content, I'd suggest testing out your content to see if there are any areas you may need to adjust specific to those browsers and recommending users utilize the newest versions of each.