Printing issue in iPad APP player

Aug 16, 2012

Hi, there

We are working on a project, that need to re-write some FLASH content into HTML+JavaScript.

So we can import content as web object, and publish for iPad app player.

Everything works just fine if we publish as "FLASH" or "HTML5" version,

but not on APP player version.

Here's the problem:

We tried to use Javascript to print the current slide content.

use "window.print()" or "jquery.jqprint()".

If this page viewed on mobile safari, print function work just fine.

But if we view this page with APP player,

there's nothing happen when "print()" function has been called.

Is there any way we can print current web object in APP player?

or the worst, it means we can't display web object in story line slide,

that has be in a new browser window?

Thanks, if any one provide any help.

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Adrian Dean

Hi Josh,

Welcome to Heroes. Sorry it has taken someone so long to get back to you. Here is link to a knowledge base article. It explains that javascript triggers are not supported in the Articulate Mobile Player. That means your print function won't work at this time. It would make a nice feature request though.

Always Happy to Help,


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