Audio not playing in YouTube videos on iPad Mobile Player App

Jun 16, 2014

I've embedded some YouTube videos in a project using the Web Object method described on this page  -  I'm doing it this way because I want them to play on the iPad. But when I view the published files in the Mobile Player App, the video plays but the audio doesn't.  Does anyone else have the same problem? Or am I doing something completely daft.

The audio plays fine on my iPad if I just open clips on YouTube. Audio also plays if I view the published files on my PC (Flash browser) and HTML5 version.

Published files here -

Story file here -

iOS version 7.1.1.  Also Updated the Mobile Player app to latest version.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dayn,

Thanks for sharing the file and the link here. When viewing your link there was nothing there for me even in Google Chrome on my PC. I took a look at your .story file and everything looked correct there so I published a version and placed it on my server here.   This version works in Chrome and on the mobile player on my iPad mini. Can you test that one and let me know if you are able to get it to play successfully? 

Also, please make sure that the mute slider on the side of your iPad is not turned on as mine was when I first tested it. 

Dayn Wilkins

H Ashley

Ahhh - that's embarrasing!  My mute slider was indeed turned on. I didn't even know it had a mute switch!! It now plays fine from your server and mine.

I does seem odd to me however, that this switch should mute embedded YouTube audio, when it doesn't mute YouTube clips viewed directly on Is this by design? When you slide the switch, the icon refers to the ringer volume, rather then media. 

In Articulate's defence though - this Apple KB article says that it will mute "games" audio -   I guess that could mean anything running through an App?  

Many thanks

That really had me scratching my head.


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