Blue arrow for slide to slide have odd behaviour

Hi anybody experience the blue arrow which link 1 slide to another slide that cannot be click and it just appear out of no where. Usual blue arrow can be mouseover and shows you it links to which slide after you click on which button. But this weird arrow just does not allows me to click it or mouseover it. And it cause my buttons link to incorrect slides.

Normal behaviour

(Above is normal behaviour)

Weird behaviour

(above is weird behaviour -It appears there but cannot be click and mouse over)

Can anybody fix this?



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Emalyn Lim

by the way, is it due to submit interaction always links to next slide? I've applied that trigger to every button.


Btn 1 ---should link to Slide 1---

Btn 2 ---Should link to slide 2---

Btn 3 ---Should link to Slide 3---

Currently i apply submit interaction when click on <respective button> to all 3 buttons.

And when i click Btn 2 & 3 it still links to Slide 1.


Please help!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Kati,

Thanks for sharing the file here. I'm assuming when you initially set this up it was set to go to slide 1.11 and then you've added new slides and changed the branching? If you use the feedback layers and set them to jump to slide 1.13 as a part of the feedback branching that allows it to work as expected - the blue line doesn't go away but it seems to be safely ignore.