Blurred screenshot

Mar 08, 2021


I've read a few related threads, but none that have a solution that I can use. I am taking screenshots of chrome using the built in microsoft screengrab tool. I have sized my browser to be the exact same size as the storyline story size. When I insert the screenshots into a slide, they fit perfectly, however, when I view this project in any manner (editing, preview, publish) the image is always blurry.  Is this a snip tool issue? Do I have to use snagit? Or what else could be going on?

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Becca Levan

Hi Jessica, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ⭐️

So sorry to hear about the blurry screenshots. Let's start with these tactics:

  • Set your monitor display to 100%. (Simply right-click anywhere on your desktop and choose Display Settings.)
  • Make sure that the image isn’t scaled or stretched in Storyline.

We also have these pro-tips for achieving high-quality media.

If those tips don’t help, we're happy to take a closer look! Use this link to attach the Storyline file publicly or this support case link to share it privately.