Blurry text and images during preview

Feb 27, 2019

In Storyline 3 text and Images (and characters) are blurry in the preview. When the course is published, the text and Images are a little bit clearer but not as clear as in Storyline 2.

I tried different things to fix this:

- my screen resolution on computer is lower than 100% (I set it down because I read that this could solve my problem – it's a little bit better but still blurry) 

- I’m using Storyline 3 Update 5: 3.5.16548.0

- text and images are blurry (it doesn’t matter whether I copy and paste the image or insert as picture from file)

- sometimes not the whole text on a slide is blurry, sometimes in a list one aspect is clear to see (every aspect is in an own text box)

- Player size is "lock player at optimal size"

I hope you can help me to fix this Problem....

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Jessica. Thanks for letting me know what you're seeing. We have an open issue with the desktop preview being blurry in Storyline 3 and with blurry published output in Google Chrome. Is Chrome where you're viewing your published output?

I'm going to add your discussion to our reports so we can keep you updated on these issues in this discussion.

Judy Nollet

Preview has been blurry every since I installed SL3 update 6 this week. Here's how bad it is:

Okay, it's a bit hard to tell when looking at this image reduced. But, even so, it's still possible to see the difference in Atsumi and in the image of the stopwatch.

FYI: The published screenshot was viewed in IE. If I open it with Chrome (at 100%), that looks blurry like Preview.

Gracie Hongyang Li

Hello Storyline team, 

We are having the same issue about blurry images (screenshots) and we second Judy that the screenshots in published version are very blurry and if viewed in Chrome, it is also very blurry. We are also using the latest Storyline 3 update 6. 

Please report to the Dev team and get this fixed soon. 


Dorothy Schirkofsky

Hi, I decided to add a comment here rather than create a new post. I found this discussion because I, too, am having issues with blurry text in Storyline 3 in preview and published versions.

Not sure if this will help or just add to the various permutations of the issue, but...

At least in my case, it seems that some of the text is blurry and some is not. At first I thought it was layers vs main timeline, but then I noticed that some layers also had perfectly sharp text and others not. So I started thinking about what was different, and realized that some text boxes were created by copy-pasting an entire text box to a new layer and others had been created new.

So I tested this and sure enough: if I copy a text box to a different layer or different slide, it will be blurry.  If I create a new text box, it will be crisp.

I was able to fix my blurry text by creating new text boxes, copying the text out of the duplicated text boxes and pasting it into the new ones. (I tried to use the format painter to re-apply at least some of the styling from the old text boxes, but of course it didn't get everything. Sigh...)

This is super tedious and inefficient as a workaround - but hopefully it may help you reproduce and troubleshoot the issue. For now I'm being careful not to copy text boxes for styling and my text is ok. 



Jesse Johnson

Yes ma’am, I am using storyline 3. I might have found a work around. I currently have my slide size set to 16:9 aspect ratio, but after changing the slide size to an HD aspect ration of 1920x1080, the blurry image is FAR less blurry. That might be a fix for some people experiencing this same issue.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Jesse for sharing those details and I hope it helps someone else. We'll let you know here as soon as the next Storyline 3 update is available!

Also, I noticed that your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if you would like by clicking Edit beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

Dorothy Schirkofsky

Hi I'm back to confirm that I'm still consistently experiencing that copied text boxes are blurry, but if I remake them new, they are sharp.

"Copied" it turns out, means nearly any text box that's been duplicated. If I copy a text box from one slide to another, or even if I duplicate or copy/paste a layer that contains text, that text will be blurry. If I replace the text elements on that layer with newly created elements, they are crisp.

Another detail that may help: if I duplicate a slide, the text on the duplicated slide seems to be fine, including the layers. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dorothy,

I'd love for you to walk me through your steps to reproduce this - as I've tested in Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 copying text boxes, duplicating, or even copying the standalone text and I don't see it appear blurry after any of those. 

I know previously you were seeing the blurriness while previewing/publishing. Do you see the blurriness on the slide while you're editing? 

Amaia Quesada

Hi Ashley,

As you might have seen, I was trying to tackle this issue in a different discussion and now I found this one. 

To answer your last question, I can confirm that the blurriness can already be noticed on the slide itself but not as much as when previewing and definitely not as much as when it's been published. In the published project the blurriness is very obvious.

Are you getting this glitch fixed on Storyline 360 apart from Storyline 3? Thanks once again!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amaia, 

Thanks for reaching out here and I see you shared some new details in your other discussion. At this point, I think it'll be best to have you work in a Support case to dig a bit deeper as I mentioned to Dorothy it's not an issue I've been able to recreate using a copy/paste functionality inside Storyline 3 or Storyline 360. 

Our team has fixed some blurriness issues specific to the published output in Chrome, and that fix is currently available for Storyline 360 and will be in the next update of Storyline 3 (release date TBD). We'll let folks know here once that Storyline 3 update is ready!  

Dorothy Schirkofsky

Thanks, Ashley,

Sorry for delayed response. There was no blurriness on the slide when editing, only when previewing and published.

The steps to repro are straightforward - or seemed to be when I posted the above: Select a text box. Copy. Paste it on the same slide, or a different one. Preview or publish. The original will be crisp. The copied one will be blurry.

However, when I attempted it in a bare-bones slide today I didn't get this result. At the time I posted I checked and rechecked to be sure I could reproduce it, but I was using an existing template with content already in it. There must be some additional overhead from the template.

I will keep this in mind as I work with that template. and report back if I learn more.

Sorry for the wild goose chase, but thanks for following up!

Ren Gomez
Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to give you a heads up that we just released Update 7 for Storyline 3! Here are the details.
It includes the fix we made in Storyline 360 that addresses an issue where text and images could be blurry when viewing a course in Google Chrome or Safari. Also on that page is a link for downloading the latest version of Storyline 3.
Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly. 
Luciana Piazza

Hi Caroline,

I've opened a case on your behalf to help identify what might be causing blurriness when previewing your project.

You will receive an email with an upload link so we can take a look at your .story file. We'll be sure to delete it when we're done testing!

Have a great evening! ✨