Blurry text/Object grouping

Sep 17, 2014

Hello -

I have a hint layer including a caption box with text inside. If Text is typed directly into the captions box it is blurry on final production. I found that If I insert a text box on top of the caption shape the text remains clear.

However...I cant seem to get the timing to work. The hint later is set to display when timeline starts. Each slide is about 4 seconds long. No matter what I do the captions shape disappears at about 2 seconds and the text itself remains displayed after the shape is gone.

I have tried grouping the text box and caption shape but the issue persists on every slide.

Ungrouped I set both text and shape to display to end, and it still happens that way.

What might I be missing here?

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Lynnette Conroy

Ahhh...I had an exit animation on the caption box...must have been an automatic setting on the TRY mode of a recording.

But, I have many, many of them...any chance there is a way to remove all animations from all slides in a scene at once? It'll be a poky process to undo them all one by one.

Either way thanks, and I am super happy that I know where it is coming from.

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