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Oct 01, 2017

I'm trying to create my own board game, but can't get the triggers right. I have a box on the first slide, which triggers to a question on a separate slide. When you return back to the first slide, I'd like a green tick to appear on top of the box to confirm it's been done. The green tick is in a layer and I've added a correct state to the tick and 'Change state' trigger to the base layer with a condition. I've also added another trigger to set question counter equal to 1 when the user clicks the box.

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Nicole Legault

Hey Angela!

Thanks for posting your question here in the community. I've opened up the file and had a closer look. There's a few things going on. For starters, I noticed the "Checkmark" actually appears on a separate layer. I would delete that layer altogether and have the Checkmark be a state on the blue square shape instead. Also, one of the trigger needed to be updated to Change the state when the variable was equal to "1" instead of "0". 

Here's a video where I walk through the changes I  made to get this interaction working

Hope this helps :) 

Angela O'Brien

Thanks Nicole, and thanks for making this really easy for me to follow.

One other thing that's pop up... 
I would like to see the tick appear when you get the answer right. At the moment, it's doing it for both the right and wrong answer. I've tried adding a trigger (adjust variable) to the correct button, but I'm not sure what I'm doing.

Keen to learn more so I can share with my team. Thanks Nicole.


Nicole Legault

Hi Angela!

One thing you could do is change when the Variable is adjusted to 1. You can make it so it only becomes adjusted to "1" when the Submit button is clicked IF the State of the (either True or False, depending whats correct) check box is Selected. Then the variable will only change when the correct answer is selected. :) Hope this helps! 

Nicole Legault

Hi Angela!

Using conditional actions and variables is a bit more on the advanced side of things. Don't feel bad if you don't get it right away.. it does take awhile to click, but keep working on it because practice does make perfect!

Here's a Peek video I recorded so you can see the steps I followed to get the results you want. Hope this helps :) 


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