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Jan 02, 2017


I've built several courses in Articulate Storyline 360 and have received many issues from my client with the courses in their LMS; Saba. 

I've tested the courses in Scorm Cloud and I could recreate a few issues regarding the bookmarking. Since it's all automatically created by Storyline and I don't have many possibilities within the program to manage it, I don't really know what to do at this point.

Basically the whole general idea of what a bookmark is and what it is suppose to do, does not work. I've completed several cases in my course, I store this information in a few variables. I exit the course and when I restart, I have to start somewhere in the middle of one of these cases and not all variables are stored properly.


For instance; I have 3 usecases and a final quiz. Each of these elements have a True/False variable assigned to it, so I can communicate to the main menu that a certain element is done and has to get marked. After all the cases are done, I can start the final quiz. After I've finished everything, all variables are true, all elements in the main menu are marked.
When I quit the course in Scorm Cloud I see I have a complete status and a score of 100% (in case I have answered all the final quiz questions correct). When I restart the course and I choose to pick up where I was, I start somewhere random in one of the cases, my final quiz isn't available and the variables assigned to the elements aren't all 'True' anymore.

What is wrong? Why is something as basic as bookmarks failling in Articulate Storyline 360?  Are there more people with bookmarking issues that have a solution available? Is Articulate aware of these issues? I can't hardly believe I'm the only one experiencing this and I have already done so much to try and resolve it, but nothing seems to work. Please help.


Thank you

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Thijs

here is a response from Articulate staff to another user - this may help you troubleshoot your issue


It sounds like the reason why you always resume to a specific slide in the course is that you've exceeded your suspend data limit. Your LMS might be imposing limits on suspend data. Older LMS specs, such as SCORM 1.2, have outdated restrictions on suspend data.

We recommend publishing for the latest edition of SCORM 2004 or Tin Can API (also known as Experience API). See this article for more information.

I recommend that you try to republish your course for SCORM 2004 3rd Edition or 4th Edition, both of which support much longer suspend data. Let me know if that fixes the issue!

Thijs Aarts


Thanks for your reply. I've dealt with suspend date issues of SCORM 1.2 before, but I thought it was related to the amount of actual data that is stored. For instance, we used to work with Smart Builder and SB would store all variables and input text (string) to the suspend data, therefor it would exceed its limit. However, in this case. There aren't any variables stored in the suspend data, are there? Or does Storyline store variables that I can't see or influence? Are all the ansers stored as strings? My course is only 15 questions long, none of them are input text, all of them are multiple choice, true false or multiple response. Apart from that I only have 4 variables I've created manually. I can't hardly believe it's too much for my suspend data, since I've created much bigger courses in Smart Builder. Can you elaborate on what information is stored in the suspend data and how Storyline uses it? And what other solutions could there be, since I can't make my clients just go and change their whole LMS system, because a few courses don't work properly.


Thijs Aarts

Thanks. I've found another discussion on the subject, but I don't really think it has anything to do with my problem:

Or at least, I can't really believe that a course that is so small can have issues with the suspend data.

I've also found out if I quit the course several times ( like 2 or 3 times) and anwser a few questions each time I'm in  the course, eventually it will be able to keep track and save my progress. I'm hoping there is some sort of solution for this problem, even if it does have something to do with the suspend data. The discussion above (the link) is quite old and a few things that are mentioned are quite strange and disturbing, like why storyline uses so much data per quesion to save the resume state. And there is no way to influence it, other then jumping to a whole lot of hoops to hopefully try to reduce it a bit. And it is also quite alarming that these limitations of Articulate Storyline aren't mentioned or discussed more. A lot of companies still use a LMS that isn't SCORM 2004 compatible, and however I feel Storyline has a lot more to offer than for instance Lectora, it seems to be imposible to build a reasonable course that is compatible with SCORM 1.2. I really hope Articulate will work on all its flaws and short comings. Cause unfortunately, apart from this issue, there are a lot more.

Thanks for your help so far.

Cecilia Campbell

Hi there,

I am experiencing the same issues noted in this thread, but have not had any success eliminating the issue. In addition to this when the course is launched via LMS (Saba) if a user is unsuccessful two times when attempting a quiz the 'continue' button disappears leaving the learner in a loop of reviewing quiz and closing the course. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Cecilia! I'm happy to help you get to the bottom of this.

Let's first tackle the bookmarking issue. Can you tell me more about what's going on? When you re-launch the course in Saba, do you find that it restarts on the wrong slide?

Now, on to the case of the disappearing "Continue" button. I'd like to take a closer look at your file to see what could be causing that. I see you've already opened a support case--smart idea! You can attach the Storyline file to that support case by clicking here. 

tim deegan


I'm experiencing a similar issue. I have two courses that both have issues with seemingly bookmarking upon resuming a course in our companies LMS.

Course 1 has about 50 screens, 4 knowledge checks and a 5 question final assessment where learners must score above 70% to pass. Similar to dozens and dozens of other courses I've created for them.

However, these last two function fine until the QAing the bookmarking. On course 1, regardless of how far I got, or others, it would take you back to about a third of the way through. Course two stopped about halfway through.

At first I thought maybe a bad scorm. I restarted and made a new one and same issue. Then I thought maybe a bad screen and deleted a few screens near where it stopped and it just randomly stopped a little further along in the course the next time.

Then I thought maybe it's our LMS, but the bookmarking issue was exactly the same in ScormCloud.

Then I thought maybe it was my version of Storyline since I just updated it last week. But then the second course had a similar issue before the update.

I checked the forum here and saw an issue about suspend data. I'm not sure I fully understand that, but at 10MB the scorm doesn't seem too large.

I'm at a loss... any thoughts?


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Tim,

Your hunch about suspend data is likely the culprit. Your LMS has a limit to the amount of data it can hold. If you have a course that goes beyond the limit, the LMS won't remember anything that happened after the learner reached the limit, and it'll resume to the wrong slide.

Did you publish with SCORM 1.2? If so, republish your course for SCORM 2004 3rd Edition or 4th Edition, both of which support much longer suspend data.

After making that change, let me know if you see a difference!

tim deegan

Hi Alyssa,

And thanks, as always, for the quick response.

While I don't know much about suspend data, it does seem strange that such a small scorm package (less than 7MB) would cause the bookmark issue when I've published courses nearly 10 times as large.

There are about 60 screens in the second of two scenes (a short intro and a 5 questions test), many with interactions, but again, nothing unusual compared to our other successfully published courses. No media files or anything fancy about the course.

Unfortunately our LMS only takes scorm 1.2 so republishing as something else is not an option.

It seems odd that we also are having the same issue with another course - both after I recently did an upgrade.

Would there be a way I could upload the file for someone to take a look at?


Bill King

Hi Tim, 

I was wondering if you found a solution for this issue and wouldn't mind dropping me a quick line or two if so. FYI, I'm starting work on a long course that has to be hosted in SCORM 1.2 and the current design calls for a lot of user defined variables which I'm concerned won't all be saved (due to relatively limited suspend data in 1.2) in a bookmarking situation. Any feedback/lessons learned would be much appreciated if you get a chance!

Thanks - Bill

Ben McKinstry

Another little note if it helps, if you have any states or animations on a master slide for questions, then have several questions your suspend data will grow massively, as you are multiplying all the stored information from your master sheet per questions in the course, an issue I had when working on some courses that I considered to be small!

If you test on scorn cloud you can see the data that is being stored, I'd recommend checking this and copying the suspend data into word (or something similar) and do a character count.


If you're bookmarking is not working then it is very likely that it will not store any variables, especially if they are changed after where ever your bookmarking is returning you too.

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