Variable, Conditions, User completes all sections, jump to final quiz

Nov 14, 2014

Good day to all!

Three product sections in my course

End of Each Section has a knowledge exercise slide with a button to access scenarios questions - clicking the button updates true/false variable, and a variable created for each product section.

Final quiz button is initialized in a hidden state on all three slides - a trigger set up will change final quiz button to normal when all completed product sections variables are true.

The Final quiz button does display on the last product section slide only, not in the previously complete product slides (earlier in the course).

Goal is to have final quiz button display on all the product knowledge exercise slides after the user completes all sections..  


Please help ,, thanks 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Cleon - that's just my preferred setup as I didn't know how you did it. Shouldn't make a difference.  Give me more details of your setup.

When you get to end of each section you branch to a scenario ? Then whar?what is your navigation?

Can you screenshot your story view and maybe I can work it out from there.

Are you having trouble replicating the triggers or you haven't tried yet?

Maybe upload your .story file to have a look at?

Cleon McClure

Wow Wendy  - thanks for all the follow-up  Seriously love your style..  I completed splitting my products into scenes and updating the triggers.   I will publish a test to see if the rascals work in a minute or two.  One of the keys you shed a light on.. using the Slide trigger - not the object trigger was I using to change the state of my button.. not rectangle..  all good - 

Navigation - Introduction module flows to slide where user can jump to any of ht three product module start slide,  once they complete the section and set the "complete variable to true, the next button jumps the user back to the product selection slide - UNLESS - they completed all the sections,  updated variables all to true, then the Final Quiz rectangle state is normal to complete the course. 

Let's have a go at this.. if necessary I will send screenshots for next level hand holding ;-)  thanks so very much

Cleon McClure

Drum-roll........ cymbal!!!   YES,, Final Quiz rectangles update to Normal State after variables  = true..    I even added a Final Quiz box on the Product Selection slide, in case they return (accidentally) to the intro section.. they can get to the final quiz (after all the product knowledge checks are complete)..  The button that updates the product complete variable also opens lightbox questions and a video reference for their review..  How sweet is this.. 


Thanks again Wendy.. I need to revise my player menu slide sequence a couple of other tidy up actions.. thanks to you.. I am a bunch smarter!  Virtual HIGH-FIVE to you 

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