Query on order for triggers & slide layers

Nov 04, 2013

hi again

I have the following situation: 


t/f variable #1 = course section complete, based on topics being complete (set to false)

t/f variable #2 = topic complete (set to false) 

t/f variable #3 = quiz complete (set to false)

t/f variable #4 = quiz complete based on #3, to advance from menu to layer a. (set to false)

t/f variable #5 - course section complete based on #5, to enable course section shapes to change colour to show learner has completed

1. Main menu slide with 

a) layer to appear if course sections are completed but a quiz has been missed (per t/f variable #2 AND / OR t/f variable #4 settings from course sections and layers)

b) Jump to another slide if all course sections are complete (per t/f variable #1 settings from course section slides)

c) Shapes representing course sections that change colour based on variable #5

2. A course section slide with a number of  "topic" layers

- to access the topics, learners click on a shape in the base layer

- each topic layer contains a button directing the user to a related quiz

- the topic layers are set to hide if the quiz has been completed (per t/f variable #3 setting from quiz slide)

- the topic shapes in the base layers are set to be invisible if the learner has completed the topic (per t/f variables # 2 & 3  from quiz slide)

- the course section is set to be complete when the learner clicks a button returning them to the menu, at which point variable #1 is set to True.

3. quiz slides for each topic

The quiz for that topic is set to be complete (variable adjusts to true) when the user clicks the "continue" button of the last quiz slide in the area. These are variables #2 & #3.

All is working as expected with the exception of:

1. If a topic has not been completed and the quiz has not been completed, meaning #2 and #3 are both still false, the shapes on the base layer of the course section the learner is directed back to are showing as invisible.

2. If a learner completes a topic but not a quiz, layer a is not showing in the course menu.

The order of triggers on the slides in question are as follows:

Menus slide: Show layer a, set variables to true for #4 (I tried this in reverse but had no impact on outcome; followed by change colour of shapes based on variable #5 being true, followed by Jump to slide b.

Course section with layer slide:

Change state of shapes to invisible based on #2 being true; show layers when topic shapes are clicked on.

Topic layer:

Hide layer if quiz completed; "exit" button triggers to hide layer if user clicks, "advance to quiz" button triggers to jump to quiz slides.  (Wondering if this is the problem, i.e. two events requiring the same outcome?)

Quiz slides:

On both the incorrect and correct layers:

, "continue" button triggers to hide layer, set #3 to true, set #2 to true, then jump to menu slide

Hoping you can help, I would like to post the story for review but it contains confidential company information so I am a bit restricted!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sacha,

The basic set up of your triggers and variables sound like you've got things set correctly, although the trigger order is something I'd check again. Typically you'd want to adjust all the variables before showing a layer or jumping to a new slide, as once those triggers are executed nothing below them will execute. You should also be ok with two triggers to hide the layer on the Topic layer.

I know you mentioned you're unable to post here in the forums, but if you're able to share with our Support team that information is kept privately, and if you need us to sign an NDA you can indicate that when opening up the Support case. 

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