Resuming a course from a specific slide

Hi Heroes, 

I have stumbled upon a glitch and I cant figure out a suitable workaround.  In my course I am trying to set it so that when a user resumes the course having previously completed it, it should open on a specific slide.

I have recreated a basic version of this and attached it to this discussion.

Here is how it should work:

1. When the learner reaches the last slide of a course a T/F variable called "Complete" is set to true.

2. This then jumps to the slide I want the user to land at when they resume the course.

3.On this slide a layer shows on the condition that the 'complete' variable is equal to true.

4.When the timeline starts on the layer the T/F variable changes to False.

5. When the timeline ends on the layer a trigger will exit the course.


This should mean that when a learner starts a course and resumes their progress the layer should not show because the T/F variable should be False.

I had previously used this technique on another course so it should work. I have also tried similar techniques using motion paths and silent audio files but nothing seems to work.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Jordan, thanks for sharing your file here. I played around with various placements of triggers and variables, but I had no luck in achieving what you're trying to do. Do you happen to have one of the older files that has this technique that you can share here? I'd like to compare it to the file you've already attached.

Hopefully your fellow community members will be able to chime in and assist, as well!