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Alyssa Gomez

Hi again Lisa! I wanted to pop back in and add some clarification on the expected resume behavior.

When a learner exits a slide that has a video on it, the default resume behavior is that the slide will reset to the beginning of the video. The only way to save video progress is by going to the next slide. 

I know you don't want to force your learners to completely restart the video when they return to the lesson, so I found a workaround that should help! Take a look at this tutorial by my colleague, Mike Enders.

Conduent  Learning Services

I have been trying to get Storyline to bookmark in the middle of a page playing a video. I read several solutions on the boards today using an "Exit Loop" page and took it a step further. Forgive me if somebody has already done something similar.

1. Create a blank page. I named mine Exit.

2. In the Player, create your own Exit button. Link that Exit button to your new blank page.

3. Create a True/False toggle variable. Again, I named mine Exit. (Starting out False)

4. Now on your Exit page, you need to create 3 triggers:

A. Toggle variable Exit when the timeline starts

B. Jump to previous slide when the timeline starts (If Exit is equal to False)

C. Exit course when the timeline starts (If Exit is equal to true)


This will take the user to this slide when they press the Exit button, and then the page will Exit the course. When they resume the course it will take them back to this page, which will then trigger the course to go back to the previous page with the video on it, which will have been saved since the user went to another page. I tested this in SCORM Cloud and it worked for me. I have not tried it on a customer LMS yet.