Bookmarking not returning to last screen visited

Oct 11, 2017


I have a course where the bookmarking is not returning to the last screen visited. When I click Yes uppon resume, I am taken to a particular screen which has already been viewed i.e. I complete screens A to K, exit on K, but resume on H. The course is one of 5. All others are functioning fine. Any idea why this may be happening? have attached the file.

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Crystal Horn

Hello Gazzman.  Thanks for including your output here!

I uploaded it into SCORM Cloud, and it resumed correctly for me several times.  Can you test my link here and tell me if that's working for you?

If you can't reproduce the incorrect bookmarking from the SCORM Cloud environment, I'd reach out to your LMS support folks to see what's happening on their end.

If it doesn't resume properly from my link either, can you attach your .story file so we can have a closer look?  Thanks!

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