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Mar 06, 2015

Hello –

I am currently working on a course that has a Main Menu page and then three scenes that the menu branches too (one for each menu item). Currently once a learner enters a scene they can’t navigate back to the main menu until they have completed all slides in the scene. I have been asked to let the learner return to the Main Menu page at any point in the scene which I have been able to do but their progress in that scene is lost. When they enter back into the scene they have to start back at the beginning. Is there any way (or series of variables/triggers) for storyline to remember where the user was in that scene so when they click on that menu item it would return them to the slide they were last on?




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Joanna Kurpiewska

Hi Emily

I hope it's no too late for helping you with the issue.

It's possible to do with some variables and triggers:

Create as many variables as you have topics - trackingTopic1, trackingTopic2 etc. set it as text with initial value like: topic1slide1, then topic2slide1 etc.

Then on every slide adjust the right trackingTopic variable e.g. for slide1 in topic1 it will be: set trackingTopic1 = Topic1slide1 when timeline starts and for slide3 in Topic 2: set trackingTopic2= Topic2slide3 etc.

On your menu slide add some triggers to every menu button linking to the topics: e.g. for button for topic 2 the triggers will be like: jump to slide Topic2slide1 when user clicks if trackingTopic2=Topic2slide1 etc.

It may sound little bit confusing - so have a look at the SL I've attached. 

This solution will allow a user to go to the menu and then go back to the last visited slide within a topic. I hope it helps :)

Amanda Reasor

Hi, all! This info has been so helpful! I've added these variables/conditions in one of my projects, but they don't seem to be working as intended. (I'm sure I've made an error somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.)

My project is a lot bigger than the last example (11 scenes total), but I've only set it up in two scenes so far so as to test it first. I've setup variables for the overall project per Joanna's instructions/example. I've added Slide Triggers within each slide. In my Table of Contents, I've setup triggers for each button and added conditions. But if I am visiting those two scenes for the FIRST TIME from the Main Menu, nothing happens when I click that corresponding button. (I'm thinking it may have something to do with the fact that the timeline for the first slide in the scene couldn't have started if the learner hasn't clicked in to that scene yet, but I'm not sure ... )

I've attached a few screenshots that I hope will help visualize ... I can also send my project file if that would be helpful!

I feel like I'm close, I just can't figure out what I've missed. Any tips you can offer would be appreciated!  

Christie Pollick

Hi, Amanda -- Thanks for your question and for the screenshots you've shared! You are welcome to share your file if you would like members of the community to take a closer look at make some suggestions you could try! I also wanted to note, as this thread is a bit older, if you would like to reach out to any participants who may no longer be subscribed directly, you are welcome to do so using the 'Contact Me' link on an individual's profile page. 

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