Revisiting end-of-scene Question page: Next button madness

Nov 21, 2013

I have a Main menu page with links to five scenes. At the end of each scene there are a few T/F questions. The last slide in the scene, a T/F question, has its Correct and Incorrect dialogs set up to return to the Main Menu when their Continue button is clicked. All works fine when learners first go through the scene and do the T/F questions.

A problem occurs if the learner decides to visit the scene again. When revisiting, each of the T/F questions displays the answer the learner submitted the first time, which is fine. The Next / Prev buttons appear, and they work fine, except on the last page of the scene. On the end-of-scene T/F question page, the Next button goes nowhere; the learner is stuck.

How do I get the Next button on an end-of-scene Question page to navigate to another page in the course (ie, Main Menu) when the learner has already answered the question and decides to revisit the scene?

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Matthew Kliewer

This may not be the most elegant solution, but it works, with a bit of workaround (on-screen button):

  • Add a new slide layer to the last slide.
  • Add a button there that will jump to your main menu.
  • Add a trigger on the base layer - it will add +1 to a number variable (that you create, default value of 0) at timeline start
  • Add one more trigger to show the layer you created at timeline start, but only on the condition that the variable is Greater than 1.

I didn't have much luck changing the Next button behavior, since it only shows up the second time around....

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