Brainstorm activity with multiple answers - is text entry the only option?

Jun 04, 2018

I would like to create a task where students can type in multiple answers (in Storyline 3). These are not to be marked i.e. with feedback of correct or incorrect, but a list of all the possible answers showing besides theirs when they click submit. I can see how the text extry task will work for a question with one correct answer, but is there a way for multiple correct answers? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Kerry! This is definitely possible--I put together a quick sample file to demonstrate how you can set it up.

Since you aren't worried about marking the learner's answer correct or incorrect, I would use a Survey Short Answer slide. Then, add a layer that lists all of the correct answers. Finally, add a trigger to show the correct answer when the user clicks the Submit button. You can also add a "Continue" button on that layer to allow learners to move on to the next slide.

Here's a peek at what that could look like!


Michael Johnson

Hi Kerry,

I am trying to create something similar to what Kerry did. I also want the user to enter more than one choice. In my instance, the student will have to enter words that were seen on a screen prior. The answers they enter will not be graded, but I do want the user to be able to see the answers they submitted after clicking the submit button...hope that makes sense.

Delia West

Hi There,

I have an additional question to a similar issue.  I would like to have a list of data entry boxes (just like your favorite color example).  I will be asking my learner to type what their favorite exercises they have tried (walking, biking, aerobics classes, etc.); then I would like to reference each one and ask them why they liked it. 

So far, I have been able to do this all on one page.  However, the additional feature I would like to add is create a "results" slide where they can print out what they have typed like I have seen for a "quiz results" slide.  I can figure out how to do this if I were to make multiple slides (one for each favorite Exercise), but I would prefer to have just maybe one slide for the list of exercises and one slide for the "why"s.  Is this possible?

Ren Gomez

Hi Delia,

Happy to help! It sounds like you'd like to compile all the text-entry responses into one slide at the end and be able to print them, is that correct?

You can create a blank results slide and insert variable references to all the text-entries that were in previous slides. You can then add a Print button for the learner to print their results. Take a look at the example I attached and let me know if it works for you!

Delia West

This doesn't work for me.  I tested it out, and the results page is blank.  I typed in a test word in each of 6 text boxes.  They showed up in the results slide, but clicking print gives a blank results page with just the title of the project and a table with only the column titles ("#"; "Question"; and "Student Answer".  My actual text box responses were not there.

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