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Aug 02, 2020


I have looked through several of the branching forums and do not see my question answered. I have a client who wants to have users be able to pick one of four points on a cycle to start learning about that specific cycle. Once they pick that order, then they have to go through it in that order. So, for example, if they pick 3 they have to go 3-4-1-2 and if they pick 4 they have to go 4-1-2-3. I understand how to do this. 

Where my expertise ends is with the following. He wants learners to be able to pick any point someone might pick 2 while someone else might pick 3 while someone else might pick 1 and someone else might pick 4. Once they pick that number, they have to experience the cycle sequentially.

Do you understand what I am asking and is this possible to achieve in Storyline without significant coding expertise. 

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Matthew Bibby

Yes, this can be done and it's relatively straightforward. Here is a basic overview:

  1. Create a number variable called StartCycle (or whatever else you want to call it!)
  2. When a user makes their choice, update that variable with the relevant number. So if they choose to start on the third point of the cycle, then you would have a trigger that says Adjust variable StartCycle to equal 3.
  3. Then you need some conditional triggers on your Next button that say If StartCycle is equal to 1 jump to slide 1, If StartCycle is equal to 2 jump to slide 2, If StartCycle is equal to 3  jump to slide 3, If StartCycle is equal to 4 jump to slide 4

Does that make sense?

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