Branching on quiz slides

Hi!  I have a question about setting up branching (and point values) on a quiz slide.  What I have is a situational type question with 3 possible responses.  Depending on the response selected, I want each option to branch to a different slide/outcome.  However I can only find branching options for correct/incorrect.  I was using a drag-drop freeform quiz slide.  Do I need to use a different type of slide format? (I was going for something like in the "Broken Co-Worker" elesson).

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Adam Hunt

Not really....I don't think.  I know how to use triggers.  The issue I was having was in creating a drag & drop quiz interaction with more than 2 options.  In Storyline, it will only allow me to have a correct/incorrect answer, but I need to score each of the 3 options I have for each question differently (ie 5 pts for one answer, 3 for another, 1 for the last).  I know I can apply triggers for each selection, but then how do I get it to score each answer differently?  I'm also aware of the branching within the quiz question set up itself, but again, I can only branch out to 2 slides/options (either correct/incorrect) where I need the option to branch to 3.  I kind of found an answer in using the hotspot question format, which allows me to give both feedback and score by choice, so I can have it branch to 3 different slides and give different points for each selection.  This works fine this time, but I'm still curious about how the "Broken Co-worker" activity branched and scored 3 different drag & drop options (since each option follows a different path and scores differently) as this flows a lot better than the hotspot clicking and then hit the submit button.  Seems like the drag & drop should allow you to score/give feedback by choice but that option isn't there....unless I'm missing something.