Branching Quiz and Scoring

We're using branching in quizzes to offer the student another question similar to the one they just answered incorrectly.  It's somewhat of a simple adaptive learning approach.

The issue is that the quiz scoring is not correct on the results siide.

For example, there's a quiz with 4 questions.  And, there are also 3 branching questions.  When a student answers one of the 4 quiz questions incorrectly, they're branched to a similar question, it's answered, and then they're branched back to the main quiz. 

So, depending on how the student answers the main quiz questions they could end up answering between 4 through 7 total questions.

If a student got all of the questions correct in the main quiz (4 in total), he would get 4 out of 4 questions correct and finish the quiz, with 100%.

However, since the quiz has 7 questions in total, the students percentage is shown as 57% or 4 divided by 7.

Is there a way to make this scoring work properly?

Thanks for your help.

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Garth Yorko, T.E.

A little tweeking with the Results page triggers might work.  I changed the condition on which the Success and Failure layers display

I made success display if the ScorePoints equal to or great than 40 (each correct response is worth 10 points)

Failue shows is the ScorePoints are less than 40

It seems to work, you will need to modify the results page, maybe not show the score.

Allen Town


That's an interesting approach.

In the original post, I should have added that we use the results slide to pass the quiz scoring to an LMS.  Our modules and quizzes are published in SCORM 1.2.

The student takes the quiz and the results slide captures the score.  Then, it's passed onto the LMS.  The quiz scoring is used as element of the student's grade for the class.  So, it's important to have accurate quiz scoring.

Since a quiz has 4 questions with 3 branching questions, as it is, Storyline uses 7 questions to compute the quiz score, even if less than 7 are answered.

I'm trying to figure out a method to have the results slide accurately compute the quiz score.  Perhaps, there's a way using variables, triggers, and each question's score. 

Thanks for your help.

Allen Town


Thanks for your message. Both of those pages you suggested were valuable.

The challenge we're having is in computing the final quiz score.  The path followed in the quiz questions is quite variable.  Sometimes only four questions are answered.  Other times all seven questions are answered.  And, it could be any number of questions in between.

I'm assuming there's a way to score our quizzes accurately using variables.  Although our staff has attended multiple Storyline training sessions, the use and application of variables aren't their strengths.

Would you have any idea who we could approach to help us solve this problem?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Allen,

Variables are certainly tricky - and still stump me from time to time, so I don't blame your staff for not being up to speed yet. Its certainly possible with variables, but I think it's going to involve a complex set up of tracking a variable of number of questions answered and based on that setting a score variable to a particular number. 

So say for example, the user answers 4 questions, and of those 4 they get 3 correct - you'll need a final "variable" that would be adjusted to 75 out of 100, based on those two conditions (TotalAnswers = to 4 and Totalcorrect = to 3), but you'll need to set this up for each scenario. If you're able to share your sample question set (or even a sample of how you'll be branching) we may be able to get you started with this model - or someone may have another easier idea! 

Allen Town


I'm always interesting in getting some insight from folks who are smarter than our staff and I 

We can share a quiz.  I'll attach a .story file of a quiz and a simple diagram of our quiz branching scheme.

I've very intrigued to see what the solution could be.

Thanks for your help.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Allen,

Not necessarily smarter, just spent more time with variables! They're not always easy!

It looks like a Powerpoint file attached to the previous one - but no worries. I've got you started here with setting up the variables, and the final calculation, but will leave the final steps up to you on reporting the value of that variable  to your LMS for scoring purposes. 

You'll want to look at the triggers I put on each question slide, and their location in the trigger pane, and then the trigger on the correct layers. Also, you'll see I added some text boxes on your Results slide - these are more for demonstration purposes so that you could see the calculations. 

Erin Hugus

I am hoping this thread is still monitored. I have developed a branching quiz in SL2 that is not reporting the correct percentage to the LMS. This thread seems to provide the solution. I have attempted to apply the changes articulated above, but I do not have the ability to adjust the finalscore variable. See the attached screenshot that shows it is not an available variable.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Erin!

Since the Results.ScorePoints variable cannot be adjusted, you'll want to create a custom variable. Then, you'll report the value of that custom variable to the LMS. 

Alternately, you could avoid creating the custom variable altogether and simply lower the passing percentage. For example, if you have two quizzes, and the learner should pass only one of the quizzes with 80%, then set the passing percentage at 40%. 

Erin Hugus

Thanks, Alyssa. I created the FinalScore custom variable. I am attempting to adjust the default text entry variable to be equal to the FinalScore custom variable (see step 2 in this article). However, I am not given the option to select it. I have attached the file for your reference.

I need to report the percent correct to the LMS, so I cannot just lower the passing threshold.

Johnny O'Barr

How is it done? Internally at my company, we have many instructional designers who have experimented with and express the desire to get more into adaptive learning and develop more branched courses. Currently, we have a course with five slides; the 6th slide allows them to choose their own adventure onto an additional five slides and then ten questions after that. So, the course has 20 questions in it; however, they will only ever encounter 10. We do not want to show them 40% if they answer eight questions correctly. We want to show them 80% and report to the LMS 80%. I believe this is possible with Javascript variables, but I don't know how to do it. Can you help or point me in the right direction? Thank you so much in advance.