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Jul 13, 2020

When a learner gets a quiz question incorrect and has used up their allotted number of attempts, after we branch them back to a slide is there a way to bring them back to the quiz question (or start of the quiz), without requiring them to navigate thru the course again?


thank you, 


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Ray

you could use a variable to mark that they have answered the quiz question and when they click next take them to the start of the quiz or wherever you want in the course depending on whether the variable has been triggered.

If you've got a story file started with an example can you upload and we can help you to work out what you need to do.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Ray

see if the attached works for you...

I increased the attempts to 2 for each question and on the try again layer I set a trigger to lightbox the information slide. The lightbox overlays the quiz question and when the user closes the slide it displays the quiz question ready for another attempt.

I don't have enough information to do my second branching example e.g. if there is only one attempt

If I go to the quiz slide, answer q1 incorrect and go back to the info slide then where should it branch to - back to q1? (then it's more than one attempt) or should I then go to q2?

You have the opportunity to create a 'retry' quiz option on the result slide and only present the incorrectly answered questions to the user - would that be an option?

Katie Riggio

Hello Ray,

Looks like you got some great help from Wendy (thank you!). 🌟

  1. Jumping into Wendy's build above, I headed to the result slide's Failure layer that has the Retry Quiz button and double-clicked the Reset results trigger.
  2. From there, I checked the Reset only incorrect questions option.
  3. Then, I went back to each question slide and changed the revisit behavior to Automatically Decide.

Check out this short video demo and the latest modification below.

Let us know how that works for you!

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