Branching Quiz slides question

Feb 03, 2016

Hello Storyline 2 Gurus!

I completed a storyline 2 module for three different audiences.  The first 11 slides, all of the 3 audiences need to see.  On the 12 slide, they come to a branch that basically says:  Select your Workarea:  A, B, C.    There are specific quiz questions for all of these branches.  Some individuals may be trained in two work areas, so i allow them the ability to go back to the Select your Work area slide.  

Problem:  I have 8 questions specific to each area (24 going to the results slide).  If they skip two areas, the questions seem to still factor into the results slide.  So, if i take 8 questions and get them all right, because I never saw 16 questions in areas i did not select, it still shows that I fail in the LMS (i do not have a visible results page in the module).  Also,  I need the question level detail for some of these questions.  The LMS team is unable to turn off the score.

Question:  Is there a variable or coding I can do that will allow the audience to take whichever set of questions they choose AND get the right score in the LMS?

Thank you!


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