Reporting to LMS when Branching Offers Different Quizzes

Dec 21, 2015

I have a Storyline 2 course that allows the learner to branch based on the segment of the company they are in.  From there, each segment is directed to custom quizzes.  Is there a way to configure the course so that it will track the score regardless of which of the three quizzes they are branched to?




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sara -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question! Would this article on how to Track a Storyline Course Based on Visiting a Specific Slide do the trick for what you have in mind? You may also want to check out this thread, as well as this one, as it seems that other community members have posed similar questions, and you may find some of the ideas suggested to be useful. 

Sara Cardiel

Thank you this helped!  I ended up editing my current results slides so that the user would not be able to proceed unless they passed the test.  Once they passed any of the tests they are routed to a quiz slide (free form pick 1) that prompts "I understood the content covered in this course" (the correct answer) and made the result slide for that question the slide tracked.  Although the quiz score won't track, the user can't "complete" the course without passing the quiz.

Christie Pollick

Fantastic news, Sara! So glad to hear that you were able to determine a method that would work for you, and if you would like to share your file or a sample to illustrate what you did so that others may test drive how it functions, you are always welcome to share by using the ADD ATTACHMENT button. Either way, we appreciate the update!

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