Multiple Test, tracking one score to LMS

Apr 22, 2015


I am currently trying to set up a Storyline that will have more than one quiz.  The user will choose his location, and depending on that choice, it will give them one of two choices.  Each quiz has a different number of questions and different content.  I've tried to read on the discussion on how to report the "final" results page to an LMS, but I'm still struggling.  We would like to be able to report the score to our LMS.  The user will only take one test.

Any Thoughts???

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Travis,

I guess I didn't understand your original question than - but you'll only be able to track one quiz score, so if you report all the questions to one results slide that may skew how the score looks. That thread has a few different options, and if you're looking to report more than one socre you may want to look into the additional information here. 

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