Branching Quiz Troubles

Sep 19, 2018

Hello - 

I am working on a course that includes 2 separate paths depending on location, and then 4 separate paths depending on job title, and each of the four paths is a quiz that requires 80% to pass. I've been reading all the posts about trouble with multiple results slides and getting the results slide to report the score to the LMS.

Valentino Santano provided a potential solution to the problem (see below) but I'm struggling with the variables mentioned in steps 2 - 5. 

Does anyone have a solution to creating 1 results slide that reports the correct results to the LMS?

I found a workaround for the reporting issue.  As we discussed, my project has eight branches - one for each language.  Each branch has a five question quiz.  The passing score is 80%, or 4 out of 5.  The course is built so that the learner cannot proceed unless he/she passes the quiz.  If the learner scores < 80%, the results slide prompts the learner to retry the quiz.  I created a results slide averages the quiz results from ALL quizzes.  I call it a "convergence" result slide and set the passing score to 10% because the scores from any of the quizzes will be divided by 8.  But, I don't want the LMS to report that the user scored 10% when they actually scored 80%, so...  

I created a "Proxy" results slide that is part quiz, part results slide.  This is how it works:

1.  I inserted a quiz with the "pick one" format and directed all quizzes to jump to this slide.  The learner never sees the "convergence" results slide... it sits in a scene that the learner can't access.

2.  I disguised this "Proxy" quiz as a results slide by inserting the variable %results.scorePOINTS%% from the "convergence" results so that the point score (not actual %) is displayed.  This way, no matter how many branches I have, 20pts/question is constant and  4 out of 5 = 80,  and 5 out of 5 = 100.

3.  I created two "Continue" buttons for each language.  These are hidden and change to normal based on the results.scorepoints variable.  So when the var = 80, one of them appears and the other stays hidden, and vice versa when the var= 100.

4.  These "Continue" buttons are the answers to this "pick-one" quiz!  The "Continue" button that appears when the results.scorepoints = 80pts is worth 80 pts, and when results.scorepoints = 100, the "Continue" button that is worth 100pts appears.  That way, when the learner clicks "Continue" the quiz generates a score that is 80% or 100%, based indirectly on what they scored in the real learning assessment.  

5.  This "Proxy" slide has a layer for each language.  The base layer shows the "%results.scorepoints%%" var, and each language layer has the "Results", "Your Score"  and success / failure txt boxes triggered depending on the aforementioned variable.   The language layer shown depends on the branch the learner originally chose.

6.  I then created a final results slide that submits the "Proxy" quiz results as 80% or 100%.  This is the slide I use for tracking.  I disguised this slide as an exit slide with layers for each language.  The layer shown depends on a variable tied to the branch the learner chose.

I like this idea but I'm struggling with creating the variables mentioned in steps 2 - 5. 

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