Branching scenario in storyline

Oct 18, 2023

Hello E-learning heroes, I am brand new to Rise and Storyline, I created a branching scenario in storyline, where slide 1.1 explain the scenario. Then slide 1.2 ask a question. Wrong answer brings you to slide 1.3 and explain why it's wrong. I added a button try again to bring you back to slide 1.2. Slide 1.4 get you the right answer and then goes to 1.5 for the conclusion. Everything works perfectly. When I bring it to Rise 360 if the user doesn't go through the wrong answer path, my RISE divider/continue button won't let them go further. 

What am I doing wrong ?

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Nedim Ramic

You must have published the Storyline file to Review 360 with completion tracking set to "When the learner has viewed all slides". Deselect it and set it to track completion via "Using triggers" option (eg. Complete course trigger when set conditions are met or when the timeline starts on the conclusion slide).